Exim 4.95 "message has lines too long for transport" Error

Exim cPanel has an issue when sending emails using ms outlook and make sure this is the latest exim, Exim 4.95;

"1nBxPK-0023Ax-M1** user@remotedomain.tld R=dkim_lookuphost T=dkim_remote_smtp: message has lines too long for transport"


 a. The whm/cpanel server only uses the hosting server SMTP and does NOT use or use the smarthost relay configuration using Spamexperts etc., then simply run the update below:

# /scripts/upcp

b. Whm / cpanel server USES relay smarthost SMTP Spamexperts, then please go to WHM> Exim Configuration Manager> Advanced Configuration Manager and add the line below at the end of the @TRANSPORTSTART line / section

message_linelength_limit = 2048

Then save

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