Setting Zoho Mail

What is Zoho?

Zoho is an online application that helps to solve all business / company problems. Zoho provides a wide range of applications related to information technology and business management development applications. Quoted from Wikipedia, Zoho was founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in Pleasanton, California in 1996. Zoho has several product variants that are grouped into various divisions such as:

1. Sales Marketing

The products of Sales Marketing such as CRM applications, Forms, Social, SalesIQ, SalesInbox, Campaigns, Motivator, PageSense, Sites, ContactManager and so on.

2. Finance

The products from Finance include financial management applications, inventory, invoice management, expense calculation, checkout and so on.

3. Email & Collaboration

In email management, Zoho has email storage facilities in the cloud and allows email collaboration with various users. You can create emails with your own domain name, open email attachments directly via Zoho, conduct online chats or meetings with employees and so on.

4. IT & Help Desk

In Zoho you can also enjoy servicedesk plus, site24x7, assist and mobile device management.

5. Human Resources

To make hiring easier, Zoho also provides a human resources application complete with automatic analysis and integration.

6. Custom Solutions

For more needs, Zoho provides custom applications that can be integrated with various platforms such as Slack, Trello, Gmail, Asana, Creator, Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM.

Now this guide will explain how to set up Zoho email only! For more details about Zoho and its facilities, you can check at


Here's how to set a custom domain in Zoho / Zoho Mail.

Zoho Account Mail

Enter your domain name here

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Fill in this form along with the name of the email address you will create to create an email address. If so, press the Proceed button.

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If the information is correct, just press the Sign Up button.

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After that, enter the verification number that comes to your phone number. If so, tap Verify My Mobile.

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Setting TXT Record

Once successful, you will enter the Domain Setup section. Here you select Others on the domain's DNS Manager (DNS Hosting provider).

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Make sure you are in the TXT Method section as below.

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If so, open a new tab and go to your domain's DNS Manager. You will need to log into the clientarea where you purchased the domain. In this article we purchased our domain at Exabytes, so we'll log into the DNS Manager section at Member area.

Login first.

Manage dns

Select Domain - Manage DNS and edit the zone on the domain you registered earlier in Zoho Mail.

Edit txt record

In the TXT record section, change the RDATA or Value according to what was in Zoho Mail.

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If so, press the save changes button. After that, return to the Zoho Mail page, then press the Verify by TXT button.

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If successful then you are directed to create email accounts. You only need to follow and next until you enter the Configure Email Delivery section.

Setting MX Record

If you have reached the Configure Email Delivery section. Enter MX Record Zoho to your MX Record. If there are already 3 MX Records, delete them first and then create 3 new ones.

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Go back to Manage DNS and create an MX record according to what was displayed in Zoho Mail. For example as below. Change everything with the MX record from Zoho. Don't forget to press the save changes button.

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Back to the Zoho Mail tab, press the MX Lookup button to see if the MX record change has been successful. If it is successful, a display will appear like this.


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If successful, press the next button. Skip to the end and select Go to Zoho Workplace.

Testing Email

If the settings have been successful, it's time to test sending a few messages to see if it works properly. Log in to Zoho Mail


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Then compose a new message and send it to your personal email.

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Check your inbox if you received an incoming message from the domain email. If it is entered then your business email is successfully created.

Email bisnis gratis berhasil dibuat


That's the guide to creating a free domain email or business email. However, we recommend that you use hosting for your domain email or business email. Why?

If you use email hosting you have full control over your own data, more flexible account settings, larger storage capacity, can move your own email data, a high level of privacy and most importantly company data will be much safer with self-hosted email.

Want to have a business email with guaranteed security? You can use Hosting cPanel Exabytes of free domain and SSL or you can also use a dedicated service us Business Email .

Thank you for following us to the end, I hope this article is useful.

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