How to Create Your Own Email Domain

we're going to talk about the steps in creating an email domain name using your business name. Basically, to do this you just need to follow 7 easy steps.

1. Set up an active Gmail account

The first step when you want to create your own email domain is to make sure you have an active Gmail account. This is to connect your email with the hosting service email you choose later.

2. Login to cPanel

Once you have an active hosting and domain, you can login to cPanel by typing "" into your browser's search bar.

3. Create an email account in cPanel

Now, after you have successfully logged into cPanel, the next step to do is to create an email account. You only need to enter the Email Account menu in the Email column.

Then enter the email name and password that you will use to create a new email using the website domain.

Click Create and you've successfully created an email with your own domain name. Next, all you have to do is connect it with your Gmail account.

4. Check POP3 and SMTP details

To connect your email in cPanel with your Gmail account, the first thing you should do is check the POP3 and SMTP details on the Email Accounts page.

Then click the Connect Devices button and cPanel will display two setting options, namely Secure SSL/TLS Settings and Non-SSL Settings. You can use the Secure SSL/TLS Settings. If that fails, you can use the Non-SSL Settings.

5. Set up email reception in Gmail

Once you have successfully obtained the POP3 and SMTP details, you can utilize this information to connect your email account in cPanel with Gmail.

Every email that arrives in the cPanel email account will also appear in the Gmail email account by changing the Gmail account settings.

6. Configuring Gmail for email delivery

To configure sending emails directly from Gmail, you need SMTP. Make sure the hosting service you use gives you access to use SMTP. Because, without SMPT, you cannot send emails through Gmail.

7. Checking the success of email configuration with your own domain

Now, after the entire process above is complete, you can check the success of the email configuration. The trick is to send an email to the email address that has used the new email domain earlier.

How is it? You can easily create an email with your own domain, right? By having your own email domain, you can take advantage of many features that you can't get when using free email.

In addition, using an email domain will also be beneficial to the branding of the business you manage. Not only that, it can also increase the trust of your customers and will look professional. Good luck!

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