How to Set SMTP Mail (Joomla)

Please note, Joomla has a default setting that uses the php mail function, but sometimes it has problems, such as emails sent from your website then end up in spam.
So how to overcome this?

From the above problems, you can use the alternative SMTP Mail (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) feature, SMTP is a protocol used to send an email message between servers.

For How to Set SMTP Mail please follow the following guide:

1. Login to your Joomla admin dashboard first:

2. next, please select the System menu and then click Global Configuration.

3. If you are already on the Global Configuration menu, please select the Server tab.

4. Then in Mail Setting, you can do the following settings:

As an example above, for more details as information that you will input for SMTP Host and SMTP PORT, please refer to the explanation below:

Mailer                                  : SMTP

From email                         : user@nama domain -> ex :

From name                         : Your name

Disable Mass Mail             : No

SMTP Authentication        : Yes

SMTP Security                   : STARTTLS

SMTP Port                          : 587

SMTP User Name              : user@name domain -> ex :

SMTP Password                : Fill in the email password according to what you created

SMTP Host                         : -> please replace hostname with server

If you have detailed questions, please contact our Customer Support. good luck :)

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