How to Create a PHP Script to Send Email

This is the Component in PHP Script to Send Email

PHP scripts for sending emails usually include the following components:

Recipient Address

The recipient's email address is the email destination that will receive the message.


This is the subject line of the email that will appear in the recipient's inbox.

Message Content

Email content, including message text or email content such as marketing emails or transaction emails that you want to send.


The email header contains information such as the sender address, reply address, type of email content, and other information related to the email.

Delivery Function

In PHP, the mail() function is often used to send emails. It accepts parameters such as recipient address, subject, message body, and header, and sends the email to the address.

Sending emails from a website or application is one of the essential functions in web development. Using the PHP programming language, you can easily create a script that allows you to send emails automatically. In this article, we will discuss how to create and use PHP scripts to send emails effectively.

Why Use PHP Script to Send Email?

Before we go any further, let's discuss why you might need to use PHP scripts to send emails:

  1. Send Email from Contact Form: You can use a PHP script to send an email when a user fills out a contact form on your website. This allows users to contact you easily.
  2. Notifications and Notifications: You can set up a notification and alert system that sends automated emails to you or your users when important events occur in your app.
  3. Account Verification: In apps that require authentication, you can use email to send a verification link or confirmation code to the user.
  4. Email Marketing: You can use PHP scripts to send bulk emails in marketing campaigns.

Initial Preparation

Before creating a PHP script to send emails, you need to do some preliminary preparation:

Access to Web Servers

Make sure you have access to the web server where your website is hosted.

PHP Installed

Make sure PHP is installed on your web server. Most web servers already have PHP installed by default.

SMTP Information

If you are going to send emails through an SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server, you will need information such as the SMTP address, port, username, and password. You can usually get this information from your email service provider or web hosting provider.

Creating a PHP Script

Here is a simple example of how to create a PHP script to send emails:

The above script is a basic example of sending an email with PHP. You need to change the recipient's email address, subject, body, and header information according to your needs.

Test your Script

Once you have created a PHP script, the next step is to test it. You can create a simple web page that loads the script or run the script directly from your server.

Be sure to check whether the email has been sent successfully or failed, as shown in the script above.


Using PHP scripts to send emails is a relatively simple task and very useful in web development. You can use it for a variety of purposes, including notifications, account verification, and user interaction.

Also, be sure to secure your script properly and check for potential security issues, such as protection from email spam attacks or misuse.

With the steps above, you now have the basis for sending emails from your website or application using PHP scripts.

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