How to set up email accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2016

You will learn how to set up the 2016 version of Outlook. As follows:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2016

When the app is first opened, a window will appear. Enter your email address and put a check mark in the small field as shown below. Then click Connect.

2. Configure POP/IMAP and SMTP servers

On the POP UP window that appears, select between POP and IMAP. 

Another window will open. In this window, complete the form with the data obtained from your control panel. Click Next. Enter the password and click Connect.

3. Complete the Setup process

If an error window appears, reset the configuration by clicking Change Account Settings and make sure everything is set to the default settings.

And if the configuration settings are correct, the window below will appear.

The window that appears depends on your choice, POP or IMAP. After that, click Done and you will be redirected to the Microsoft Outlook 2016 interface.

Interface Outlook 2016

This is a guide to setting up email in Outlook 2016, hopefully it can help you.

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