How to Prevent Email from Entering Spam Folder

As a businessman who uses email as a medium for marketing and promotion, you certainly don't want the email sent to the spam box, right? To prevent emails from entering the spam folder, there are several things you can do, such as:

Pay Attention to the Email Content

Content is one of the indicators that an email does not enter the spam folder. So, make sure to always create content that is correct and does not contain words that are considered spam such as free and others.

Content should also be created with good and correct spelling without alay spelling such as the letter a replaced with the number 4 and others. Avoid pornographic words and don't forget to match the title with the email subject.

Get Recipient Permission Before Sending Email

To avoid email spam, You must ensure that the email sent has the permission of the recipient.. 

Use a form that offers readers to subscribe to emails so they don't mind receiving emails.

Using Email Spam Checker

You can check every email you want to send using an email spam checker. The tool will assess how likely your message will enter the spam box. The assessment will be displayed in the form of a score.

The lower the score, the more likely it is that the email you send will go to the spam box and vice versa.

Try Email Tracking

If you use a domain email that is placed on your hosting, you can track your email through the track delivery menu. Make sure you're logged into cPanel first and then look for the track delivery menu.

Next, you can check the result column to find out whether the email failed to arrive or there are indications of spam.

How to Deal with Spam Email

Spam emails are not only annoying but can also endanger the device being used. Therefore, you must be careful when using email especially if spam email comes in without you realizing it.

There are several ways you can do to deal with spam emails, such as:

Check Privacy Policy

You should make sure to read the privacy policy on any website that requests access to send emails.

Make sure your email address will not be misused or sold to third parties

Be Careful when Publishing Email Addresses

Your email address is one of the most important elements when you share personal or business information. This can invite spammers because your email address becomes very easy to find.

This will not be so worrying for those who have a good spam defense system. However, email owners whose email boxes are prone to spam should certainly be more vigilant.

Mark Unknown Emails as Spam

If you find a mysterious email whose sender you don't recognize, immediately mark the email as spam. Spam emails will be detected as uninvited messages.

If the spammer sends another email, your email box will detect the message as spam.

To mark a message as spam, you don't need to open the message. The trick is to mark or checklist the email and then click the report spam button.

Filter Incoming Messages Through cPanel

Have you memorized which email addresses often send spam emails? If so, you can more easily deal with it by blocking email addresses through cPanel.

To do so, you only need to follow three steps: go to the cPanel dashboard, click the Apache Spamassassin button, and then enter the email address you want to block. Next, don't forget to click Save.

Use Email Hosting with Anti-Spam Features

Email hosting allows you to use a professional email address. You can use a domain for your email just like the domain you use for your website.. 

You can also enjoy security features that can provide a more secure defense system for your email box.

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