Guide on How to Solve High Disk Space Usage on Hosting Default Emails

Steps to Deal with High Disk Space in Default Email

1. Login to the Niagahoster Member Area. Select the Your Services menu on the left, then click the Hosting submenu.

2. Click the Manage Hosting button on your active hosting plan.

3. Select the cPanel tab, then click the Email Accounts menu.

4. You will be directed to the Email Accounts page as shown below. Pay attention to the section marked with an arrow. The amount listed shows how much capacity the Email account has used.

5. Click the Check Email button to view the contents of the email.

6. Click the Open button.

7. Please check your email usage. If the email usage in the default email is not high, then check the usage per email account to delete unnecessary email files.

8. If the email usage is high on the default email, then please return to the Email Accounts page, then click the Manage button on your email account.

9. Click the Manage Default Address button.

10. Select the Discard (Not Recommended) option. Click the Change button to save the configuration.

11. Information will appear like the following example indicating that the configuration has been successfully performed. The purpose of this configuration change to Discard is to prevent bounce back or emails sent to invalid emails from entering the default email.

12. After that, you can make sure the messages that come into the default email whether it only contains bounce back error emails or not. Please go to the Email Accounts page, then click the Check Email button on your email account.

13. Click the Open button to open the contents of the Email.

14. You can delete manually. Click on each email that has been received, then click the Delete button on the top right.

15. You can also delete all your emails at once by clicking the three vertical dots icon at the top, then click the Empty menu.

16. A confirmation window will appear as follows. Click the Delete button to confirm deleting all messages contained in the Inbox folder.

17. Once confirmed deleted, emails will generally go to the Deleted Items (trash) folder. Make sure you have deleted those emails from the Deleted Items folder as well. Select the Select menu at the top, then select the All submenu to select all existing emails.

18. Click the Delete button on the right.

19. A notification pop-up will appear as follows at the bottom, indicating that the email has been successfully deleted from the Deleted Items folder.

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