How to speed up the propagation of Name Server (NS) changes?

NameServer or NS propagation is something that is beyond the control of Exabytes as a domain seller. Because the propagation process itself of either a Name Server or Domain Name Server (DNS) is affected by several external factors that cannot be controlled.

For example:

When Mawar owns the domain domain.tld she wants to change the NameServer (NS) to another NS, because her website hosting is outside. Then according to Mawar's information, the NS has been changed 5 hours ago but the domain has not been resolved. Why does this happen?

If you purchase a domain anywhere in Exabytes or anywhere else, when you change the NS to the destination, the backend system automatically locks the destination NS. And the backend system immediately processes the NS deployment.

Simply put, there are 2 external factors that make this process take a long time.

1. The caching process of each Name Server server is generally quite long.

2. The customer-side DNS resolver (i.e. the internet provider used) has a variable cache.

Therefore, the propagation period of Name Server (NS) changes generally varies. Due to such a series of processes, we can say that the propagation period is a maximum of 1x24 hours.

Unless you have a Name Server (NS) that is intranet (local) only limited to LAN, then in seconds it is immediately distributed :)

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