SolusVM Control Panel User Guide (Enhanced Theme)

Getting Started Quick Guide.

This article explains how to use the SolusVM control panel to manage your VPS. SolusVM allows you to control many aspects of your VPS using a web interface.

1. Login to the SolusVM Control Panel.

Visit using the "SolusVM Control Panel" information provided in the welcome email.  

Enter your Username and Password and click "Login"

2. Control Panel Overview.

After logging in, you will be presented with an overview of your control panel. From here you can access all the functions the panel provides.

These include

- Viewing VPS Statistics.

- Rebooting, Shutting down/Starting your VPS.

- Reinstalling your VPS.

- Changing your VPS Host Name.

- Changing your VPS Root Password.

- Changing the Login Password to the SolusVM Control Panel.

3. Display VPS Statistics.

Click on the "Statistics" tab under "Control" to view various statistics for your VPS. This includes Traffic, Load and Memory.

The time range for the available graphs can be as little as "1 hour" to a maximum of "1 year".

4. Reboot, Shutdown/Startup your VPS.

Click on the "GENERAL" tab under "Control" to change the various power states of your VPS.

- Reboot will reboot your VPS

- Shutdown will shut down your VPS if it is currently running.

- Boot will power on your VPS if it is not powered.

5.Reinstalling your VPS.

You can Restore your VPS to the initial setup state. But doing so will destroy all data on the current VPS. This process cannot be reversed! Â.

If you choose to reinstall your operating system, click the "Reinstall" button and you will be prompted to select an OS Template.

Click "Reinstall" to confirm your action. This process will take a few minutes and once completed, you will be able to log into your VPS.

6. Changing your VPS Host Name.

Click on the "Host Name" tab under "Control" to rename your VPS Host.

Enter the new Host Name and click "Change" to confirm the change.

7. Change your VPS Root Password.

Click on the "Root/Admin Password" tab under "Control" to change your VPS Root password.

Enter the new Root password and click "Change" to confirm the change.

8. Change Password Log in to the SolusVM Control Panel.

Click the "My Account" link in the top header to change the Login Password to the SolusVM Control Panel.

Enter your current password and the new password and click "Update Password" to confirm the change.

You can also change the Login Notification settings here. If checked, you will receive an email notification every time someone logs into your Control Panel.

To stop receiving email notifications, clear this checkbox.

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