How to Verify Domain in Facebook Business Manager

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to promote one of your businesses. Facebook provides a domain verification feature where you can claim ownership of your website domain in the business manager without editing the open graph markup on your website. 

In this guide, we will provide steps on how to verify a domain to Facebook. To verify your domain to Facebook, of course, you must have a Facebook page and Facebook Business account or Facebook Business Manager first. Here are the steps as follows:

1.Login to account Facebook bisnis 

2. Enter your email and password to login to your Facebook account, then click login. 

3. You will be redirected to the Facebook business dashboard page, click more features > Business Settings.

3. On the business settings page, click the brand security menu > domain > add

4. Enter your domain name, then click add domain

5. You will be given 3 domain verification options, in this guide we will verify the domain to Facebook via DNS.

6. DNS settings can be done through 3 options, namely through cPanel, Plesk or Manage DNS customer area. example as follows:

1. Verify through cPanel (If you ordered a domain and Shared/Cloud/Unlimited Hosting)

This guide is used if you are ordering a domain with Shared hosting services, where DNS management is done through cPanel. The steps are as follows:

  • Login to cPanel via namadomain/cpanel
  • Click the Zone Editor menu> then click the Manage button on the domain that you will set.
  • Create a TXT record like the following image:

2. Verification via Plesk Panel

This guide is used if you're ordering a domain with WordPress Hosting service, which manages DNS through Plesk Panel. The steps are as follows:

  • Login to Plesk Panel via the link http://namadomain:8443
  • Click the Website and Domain menu
  • Click DNS Setting menu
  • Click Add Record button
  • Then Add DNS record like the following example:

3. Domain verification via Manage DNS client area

If you only register a domain without hosting, you can set DNS through the Manage DNS page of the customer area. Here are the steps:

  • Login to
  • Click the Domain menu > Then select Manage DNS
  • Then you click the "Add New Record" button, and can fill in as shown below:

Notes: After inputting the DNS, please wait for DNS propagation for approximately 1-24 hours, then click the verify button from the Facebook Business page.Congratulations your website domain has been successfully verified by Facebook.

7. The next step is to point the successfully verified domain to your Facebook page. Still on the domain settings page, select the connected asset on the domain that you want to point to the page.

8. A popup will appear next. Just select the page you want to associate with the domain, then click Add.

9. Congratulations your website domain has been successfully verified and connected to your Facebook page.

10. Next, feel free to share one of your website articles to your Facebook page.

Good luck & Thank you.

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