Custom Google Site di Manage DNS

1. Login to account 

2.Click Settings menu [gear icon] > select Custom URLs > fill in the domain with www, according to your domain name. Then select verify your ownership.

3.A new page called Webmaster Central appears and click on the dropdown menu that asks: Select your domain registrar or provider, then select other.

4. After that, the domain verification method page appears. You can choose CNAME and TXT.

For CNAME, you can click Add CNAME to get CNAME record info.

For example, we use TXT record. Copy and paste the TXT dns record as shown below.

5. To verify TXT and CNAME, you must first input the two records. Please login your Client Area

6. Domain menu and choose manage DNS.

7. Pilih Nama domain  lalu klik Add New Zone. 

8.Pilih ADD ZONE.

9. Input the TXT record Click Add Record.

10.Input the name Click Add Record. If it is all then SAVE CHANGE.

11. After creating the two DNS records above, then you need to wait for the DNS propagation process first, the estimate is 1-2 hours after the dns is created. Then again Click the "Verify" button for the validation process.

12.After success, a display will appear as shown below. However, if it has not been successfully saved, please wait for the dns propagation for approximately 1-24 hours. Please try again in the next few hours.

13. If the domain Ownership has been verified, go back to the Google Suites page. Fill in the domain name with www > then click Assign.

If Assign does not appear, please refresh the page first.

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