Creating a Private Name Server on an Exabytes Domain

Biasanya private name server disebut juga dengan Child name server. Yang dimaksud dengan Private name server adalah

create a name server with your own domain name.

For example:

The requirements that you must fulfill in order to create this private name server are that you must at least have a VPS and have DNS server software such as BIND or NAMED installed and configured for your domain. Because by using a VPS, you get a static IP that can be used to create a private name server.

Basically, a private name server is adding glue records to a domain. That is, associating a hostname (domain) with an IP address in a domain registry. This glue records change is usually effective within 6-48 hours.

Login to the client area

To create a private name server, you must login to your own domain page via the client area. Then go to My Domains.

Then Manage Domain.

On the left panel, you go to Private Nameservers.

Name Server Registration

For example, you will register the following private name server:

In the Register a NameServer Name section, you write ns1 followed by the IP address that will be paired. This IP address is the IP address of your server. If so, click Save Changes.

Then fill in ns4 with the same steps, because previously you wanted the private name server ns4.

Then, make sure your DNS server configuration on the VPS is correct. Roughly speaking, the configuration is like this :   IN NS   IN NS  IN A  IN A

If so, please wait 6-48 hours for the DNS to propagate on the internet.

[ ! ] ATTENTION [ ! ]

If when adding / registering a private name server you encounter an error message, please contact our domain team. You can submit a new ticket to our domain team, select the Domain department then in the Description field fill in the desired private name server, as well as the IP address that must be added.

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