Main Domain Replacement Procedure on Hosting

If you want to change the main domain on the hosting, then it can be done. For example, you purchased EBiz PRO with the domain And want to be replaced with the domain We can help with this, but there are a few things that must be considered from your side.

Before we terminate the main domain, you should :

Make sure your new domain is registered and pointing to the relevant EBiz PRO hosting.

Backup web files and databases to your computer.

Make sure the email has also been backed up to your computer.

Send an email to us requesting the replacement of the main domain.

Make sure the email is sent from the Primary contact email.

After we receive your email request:

We will terminate your main domain or your hosting package.

We will create a new hosting or replace it with a new domain name.

We will inform or send a new login if the previous hosting is deleted.

After you receive the new login or get the information:

Immediately upload the required files.

Make sure the email on the new domain has been created (if necessary).

Make sure the DNS zone has been updated.

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