Install SSL of IIS Server

IIS is one of the web servers used on servers with Windows OS. In this article, we will inform the steps to configure and install SSL on the IIS web server.

But before installing, there are several steps that you must do, namely generating CSR, SSL Configuration to Install. Here are the steps.

1. Generate CSR

1. To generate CSR, please first access the IIS application used then click on the server certificate menu.

2. Then click the create certificate request link on the right sidebar.

3. Then a fiel will appear as shown below

4. Please fill in the file to be able to generate CSR.

  • Common name: Fill in with the domain name that will use SSL, if using a wildcard add a *. in front of the domain name.
  • Organization : fill in the name of your company or organization.
  • Organizational Unit: fill in with your organizational unit or company.
  • City/locality : fill in the name of the city where your organization or company is located.
  • State/Province : fill in the name of the province where your organization or company is located.
  • Country/region : fill in the name of the country where your organization or company is located.

5. If you have filled in please click next. Then the encryption method that will be used on the CSR that will be generated will appear.

6. In the cryptographic service provider please select with microsoft rsa schannel cryptographic provider, then in Bit length please select 2048. Then click next.

7. Next, a display will appear to save the CSR file, please click the browse box then select the folder and name of the CSR file to be saved. after that click finish.

2. install SSL IIS

1. After the SSL is published, you need to convert the SSL file first, because the published SSL uses the .crt format, while for IIS requires SSL with PFX format.

2. After getting the SSL certificate file in the form of PFX, please download or upload the file to the server you are using. Then on the IIS server, please access the Server certificates menu again, then access the complete certificate request menu.

3. Then the following fields will appear:

4. In the "file name containing the certificate authority's response" field, click browse and select the PFX certificate file that has been obtained previously. Then the Friendly name can be filled with your domain name. In the select a certificate store for new certificate field, please select personal. Then click ok. If successful, your domain name will appear in the certificate server list menu.

5. At this point SSL has been successfully installed, and your domain can be accessed with https:// as shown below.

This is a guide on how to install SSL on a server that uses the Windows operating system and IIS web server.

Good luck and thank you.

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