Guide to Install Extension in OpenCart 3

Extension is a supporter to facilitate the creation of an online shop using OpenCart CMS, here's how to install extensions on open cart

1. Login to your opencart url first.

2. After that you access the extensions menu then installers.

3. After please click the upload button to upload the extension file that will be used. Please wait until the upload process is complete.

4. After the upload is done, please go to the extensions > extensions menu to install the extension.

5. In the filter section, please select the type of extension that was previously uploaded, in this guide the type of extension that will be installed is the shipping extension. After that, a list of extensions that can be installed according to the type selected will appear. To install, click the + sign on the extension name you want to install. Then wait until the install process is complete.

6. To activate the extension please click edit

7. Then change the status to enable and save.

8. At this point the extension installation is complete, and the extension can be used.

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