How to Connect Google Suite with Plesk Control Panel

The steps are as follows:

1. Accessing G Suite

The first thing you have to do is access and create a G Suite account. You can see some of the features and prices offered by G Suite. To make it easier for beginners, you can change the language used on the website. Please scroll to the bottom of the website then click Change Language and select Indonesian.

2. Start Using G Suite

Use G Suite by clicking Start Free Trial. Google gives you 14 days to try the G Suite cloud service without requiring payment information or software to be downloaded. You only need your own / company domain name, number of employees and employee names to create user emails.

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3. Sign up for a G Suite Account

After clicking Start Free Trial, you will need to sign up for a G Suite account first. Please write your business name or company name. Then specify the number of employees you have. This is to find out how many employees a company has, how many G Suite users (other than admins) can be added, and to find out the cloud storage capacity an account needs. Then select the country where your company is established, just choose Indonesia. If so, please click Next. The first step in following how to set up G Suite email is that you must have a G Suite account first.

4. Adding Contact Info

The most important thing in the steps of how to set up G Suite email is to have a G Suite admin account for management in Google Admin. Remember, you will now be the admin of G Suite. Admins or Administrators have the power to add users, activate user (employee) emails and allow users to start using the service. Admins can also make privacy settings, control user access, track usage and trends and manage user mobile devices. Please write your first name, last name and email. Once the account creation is complete, G Suite will send you your G Suite account details. This is the G Suite account that you will use to login to the Google Admin Page.

5. Entering the Domain Name

Make sure you have your own domain or company domain! Do you still remember what a domain is? A domain is the name of a website such as my website. net, example. com and so on.

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If so, please enter your domain name. Then click Next!
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Google wants to share great ideas with you! Google will send you tips and special offers in your email. If you are willing, please click OK.

6. Creating a G Suite Admin Account

It's time to create an admin account in G Suite. If earlier, you have added the email that will be used to register for an account, now it's time to create a G Suite admin account. This admin account will be used to login to the Google Admin page. Because this will create an email, the domain used to create the email is the domain you registered earlier. Please write your Username and password. Then don't forget to put a check mark on the writing I'm not a robot. If so, click Agree and Create Account. Always remember the username and password.

7. G Suite Account Successfully Created!

G Suite has been successfully created! Now it's time for you to synchronize your G Suite account with Gmail for easy email management. Please click Open Setup.

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After that, please login using the G Suite Admin account email that was created earlier. Please write the password and then login.  If there is a phone number verification, please verify first. If Terms of Service appears that contains provisions from Google, please click Accept. If not, please continue to the step below.

8. Adding Employees to a G Suite Account

It's time to set up G Suite accounts for all your employees. Remember that an Admin or Administrator can create accounts for several users/employees. This account can be used by employees to log in to Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts and so on. Please click Add people to G Suite account then click Start.

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After that, you can add First Name, Last Name and username to be used in front of the domain name. For example, you want to name employee 1 with Then please click Add. You can add multiple employee accounts as desired. If so, please put a check mark on the text "I add all user email addresses that currently use". If so, you can click Next.

You can send an email to the employee's email account notifying them that there is now a new email with the company domain name using G Suite. Please write the old email from the employee and you can also add the notification as desired. If so, click Send Email.

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9. Perform Domain Verification

After adding employees (user accounts) to your G Suite account, it's time to verify your domain. We recommend verifying the domain using the TXT method to make it easier. Click "Choose another method" then select "Add TXT data to domain". Then please follow the steps that have been summarized by Google. Go to your domain host's website. Write the domain name in the web browser. This is to help check whether your domain name is still active or not. If it is active, please put a check mark "I have successfully logged in".

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10. Opening the Domain Control Panel

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11. Adding TXT Data to Domain

Then, you will be directed to the TXT data page. Now, this TXT data is what you have to enter into Plesk

If the Domain is connected to the Hosting
Then you must add the TXT data via Plesk Hosting.
a. Please login to Plesk Hosting first.
b. After that, find the DNS Setting Menu. Like the following picturec. Then select TXT and click Add Record. as shown belowd. Please copy the TXT record value from G Suite and paste it in the Zone Editor.

After that, please click Add Record.

If you have added TXT data to the domain, please put a check mark on the text "I added TXT verification data" so that you can proceed to the next step.

12. Saving TXT Data to Domain

Now that you have clicked Add Record or Save Changes, that means you have saved the TXT data. Please put a check mark on the text "I have saved the TXT verification data".

g suite

Delete and Create MX Record Data

g suite

13. Delete MX Record Data

Then you must delete the MX record through Plesk Hosting.
a. Please login to Plesk Hosting first.
b. After that, find the DNS Setting Menu. Like the following picturec. Then select MX and select Domain. After that click Delete to delete the MX record data as shown below

14. Creating MX Record Data

to add the MX record, you can click on the DNS Settings menu on your Plesk menu, if so, select Add Record. In this add Record menu, you can adjust the contents of the MX Settings as stated in the guide on Google,

If so, please check the "I created a new MX record" checkbox.

15. Saving MX Data

You have done step by step email verification. It's time for you to click Verify Domain and Set Up Email.

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Wait for the verification process to complete!

Opening Google Admin

Step by step how to set up G Suite email is almost complete! Please click Continue to login to Google Admin.

Masukkan email admin@namadomain dan masukkan password. Tunggu sebentar maka kamu akan diarahkan ke halaman Google Admin.

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