How to Create Phpinfo Script and View Phpinfo Information

Phpinfo serves to display a page that contains information and php settings used on the server. This information is needed to find out the limitations of the server.

When you upload files to your website and then get a timeout, or when you want to import data to the server, but often fails, you can try to check the server limitations through this php info.

With Phpinfo you can see PHP information on your hosting such as:

- PHP Version that you use 

- max_execution_time 

- memory_limitpost_max_size
- And so on

To make it, here are the steps:

1. If you are using Cpanel:

Please login your cpanel

Then select FILE MANAGER>>>PUBLIC_HTML>>>pilih File>>>then create a file phpinfo.php.>>>Then in Create New FIle

After that, type the following script:

<?php phpinfo(); ?> 

And don't forget to save it.

2. If you are using Plesk :

Login to your plesk account

ChooseFile Manager>>>httpdocs>>>New>>>Create File>>>phpinfo.php

Click the phpinfo.php file that has been created and OK.

with this done you can access the info on your hosting by way of: 

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