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Trojan Spursint My CMS

Surely many of us are asking Why is my site detected as containing Malware/Trojan by antivirus when accessing and cannot be accessed written as "Reported Site Attack" on the browser?

That is because your script contains a piece / line / several scripts that are considered dangerous, call it malware. usually injects a file by creating 1 line (for example in javascript scripts or <iframe> frames) and commonly injected files are index files (.php, .html, others). If you want more details, please click / browse further on the link block that Google provides.

Why can the script fragment be written into a web index script (.php, .html)?

The script is caused by malware that has previously resided on the client side (computer) and the general nature of malware is to inject a file when uploading files via 3rd party file transfer, in this case an FTP client (e.g. filezilla, etc.). And malware does not inject without intermediaries, in the sense that it does not directly into a file from the server.

Prevention and Solution

  • Keep your antivirus/malware up to date
  • Before uploading your script via FTP, you can do scanning first using anti-spyware/malware (antivirus + anti-spyware/malware is better) and if necessary make it into an archive file (eg .zip, rar, tar.gz, etc.) and then upload it to the hosting server.
  • After being sure that the file you uploaded is free of viruses (and the like). Please request to Google to do a review from the following link (you must have a user on Google first) and follow the next instructions
  • Pada skrip anda setelah upload perhatikan permission file/folder anda.

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