SMTP Settings on AbanteCart

Here are the steps for setting SMTP on the AbanteCart CMS.

  1. Please login first to the AbanteCart admin page, then access the system menu > settings > mail

2. The settings page will then appear as follows:

3. In the setting field, please fill in the following:

  • Mail Protocol : SMTP
  • SMTP Host : the host of the mailserver used, can be filled with a domain name if using email hosting or if using Gmail / Google Suite.
  • SMTP Username : the email that will be used to send the email.
  • SMTP Password: password of the email account used
  • SMTP Port: Please fill in 587 or 465.

After the fields are filled in, please click save. Until this stage the setting process is complete. You can try to make contact through the contact us form on the website to make sure the email can run.


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