Redirecting Exabytes Domain to Blogspot

First please login to your blogspot

On the Dashboard home page select the blog name you want to add your domain name to, then select the Settings menu (settings in Indonesian)

select the 'Publishing' tab and click add a custom domain.

The page display will appear on your screen, enter the domain name that you have, make sure you fill in the full address, for example Then click Save.

if so you will get a red message containing 2 cnames from your blogspot. which cname you must later add to your member area or client area.

In our example, the details are as follows:


Name: www



Name: 4rjv3dxxxxxx


Then, login to your Client Area

Click "Manage DNS":

Click "Add Zone":

Enter your domain here. Keep the IP "Default IP" or use IP and click "Add Zone":

Click the pencil drawing for "Edit Zone":

Delete 2 records (by clicking the Trash icon) that contain:

  • The NAME is the domain you purchased, the TYPE is "A" and the RDATA is a number (default IP Address).
  • The NAME contains "www" and the TYPE content is "CNAME".

Then enter the 2 CNAMEs above into the records in DNS Manager one by one:

Next, add these 4 records one by one as well. So, there are a total of 6 records that you need to add:


After that, click "Save Changes"

Change Nameservers by clicking Domains > My Domains. You then click the Wrench image as below:

Setelah itu, klik “Nameservers”:

Ganti 2 Nameservers seperti gambar dibawah ini. Setelah itu, klik “Change Nameservers” untuk menyimpan:


Wait a minimum of 5 hours for DNS Propagation.

The last step is to log in to Blogspot and click Settings > Basic. Enter the cheap domain you bought from Exabytes Indonesia. Don't forget to check "Redirect..." so that your domain starts with "www" if you want (not required). Then, click "Save".

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