Webmail Horde removal on cPanel/WHM starting Version 108

Dear Customer.

cPanel announced that starting November 2022 Horde support will be removed from cPanel & WHM on Version 108. This is because Horde does not support PHP 8.x and PHP 7.4.

What does this mean for customers using Horde Webmail?

Our Webmail service will be focused on Roundcube going forward. Your email will be available on Roundcube as it is on Horde today.

What should be done about this?

None for now. The cPanel support team is working on a tool that will migrate Horde's current calendar and contact data to Roundcube and Roundcube + CCS. The cPanel Support team will have more information available once the tool is ready.

What about my calendar and contacts?

The cPanel support team will provide migration tools that will help Horde users move to Roundcube. The cPanel support team will have more information about it at a later date.

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