How Do I Populate DNS in Exabytes Indonesia?

This tutorial will explain in detail with images, how to fill in DNS records in Exabytes Indonesia. In this case, you already have a domain registered with Exabytes Indonesia Domain Services. First, make sure you login to our customer area using your registered email account.

Login to Customer Area

Use your registered email account to login to Client Area Exabytes Indonesia. If you do forget your password, use the Forgot and correctly answer the validation questions asked when you first register. You can livechat to the Support Team directly from the website.

Domain Service Access

After a successful login, you can access your own domain services directly from the Customer Area Dashboard. There will be 3 main menus while on your Dashboard.

Then select Domains > Manage DNS located in the top menu of your Dashboard.

After that it will open a list of your Domains that can be changed using our DNS manager. If there are domains that have not been registered using the Customer Area DNS manager, please let us know (Can be via livechat support team).

DNS modification

Now we will make DNS modifications to the domain in question. Before making modifications, make sure the Name Server (NS) is pointing to :

After that, the DNS record modification process can be continued by doing Edit as below picture.

Adding a DNS Record

If you want to add a DNS record, please click Add Record as below.

Until this step, you need basic knowledge of adding DNS records. There are several types of DNS records that can be used in general.

  1. A record : To add an IP address (in the form of a number).
  2. CNAME record : To add a hostname alias (letter).
  3. MX record : To add the hostname alias used for Mail Exchange plus priority.
  4. TXT record : Used to add SPF records, and other information.

Filling Example

For example, we will add our domain to IP Where is the IP address of your hosting. That way the format is :

For example we will assign the CNAME www to our domain alias, the format is :

The example will add an MX record to the :

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