How to Change Blogspot Domain to Custom Domain

How to Change Blogspot Domain

Creating a blog with a blogspot domain is an option for those who are just starting to have a free website. Besides being free, blogspot is also very easy to create.

But over time, sometimes you want to make the blog look more professional by changing it to a custom domain.

Here is a complete guide for you on how to change your blogspot domain to a custom domain.

Login to Blogger Account

The first step in how to change the blogspot domain is to log into the blogger account using the username and password that was previously created when creating the account.

The way that needs to be done is to click on the settings menu on the left. The Settings button is marked with a serrated image and its position is below the Theme menu and above the Reading List.

Choose Custom Domain

After entering the settings menu, select and click the Custom Domain menu. This menu is located in the publishing sub menu. Type the domain name you want to use for your blogger site, then don't forget to click save. 


After pressing the save button, then you will see the CNAME display that must be installed in your domain manager settings. The CNAME is marked with red writing. 

The red writing will be used for settings in clientzone or domain manager.

Enter Domain Manager

After getting the CNAME, then you can minimize the blog first to enter the clientzone or domain manager. 

You must log in using the account that was created. If you haven't registered, of course you need to register first with one of the custom domain provider services. 

Setting Nameservers

After successfully logging in, then you must open the Nameserver Setting menu. In this menu you need to set the name server according to the domain nameserver that has been purchased. 

DNS Management

One of the important steps in the series of how to change the blogspot domain to a custom domain is to update DNS Management. 

Usually for the first time a list button will appear, followed by active and finally update. You have to click first until no update button appears after that just add a new record. 

Add New Record

After setting up DNS management, the next step is to fill in the add new record section. The details of A record are as follows:

Domain name: empty only

TTL: default (86400) 

Record Type: A

Hostname :

Creating CNAME

In how to change the blogspot domain above or precisely in the third point, it has been discussed about the error message from blogger in the form of CNAME. The red error message is useful for creating CNAME records. 

You need to enter the information listed in the message into the DNS settings. The following is an example:

Domain name : www

TTL : 14400

Record type : CNAME

Hostname :

Note the domain name that needs to be filled with www and the destination is filled with

Furthermore, also fill in the Modify CNAME section with the following example:

Domain name: filled in according to the red error message listed on your blogger (example: x7zwciuzhck3) 

TTL: 1440

Record Type : CNAME

Hostname: filled in according to the red error message listed on your blogger (example: gv-zjma27pnkuhill.dv) 

Wait 1-24 hours

After the DNS settings are complete, you need to wait for approximately 1 to 24 hours and then you can repeat the process of connecting the custom domain to the blogger again. 

Redirect Settings

If the domain has been successfully saved on blogger or blogspot then next activate the domain redirect settings. 

To activate it here are instructions that you can follow: Log in again to your blogger then select and click redirect domain. 

Setting Settings on Blogger

The last step of how to change the blogspot domain is to configure SSL / TLS for the domain that has been registered. Activate it can be through the settings on the blogger menu. 

From the blogger menu, click on the settings section then look for the HTTPS menu. Activate by sliding to the right of the green button in the HTTPS availability and HTTPS redirect sections. 

Why is it necessary to do a Custom Domain?

There are several reasons or considerations why someone wants to change their domain name from a domain to a custom domain such as .com .id or others. 

The following are the most common reasons that someone considers before deciding to change the domain name. 

To Be Easily Remembered

Your blog visitors will remember a short domain name much better than a long one. 

A domain that is easy for visitors to remember can increase their chances of coming back to your blog if the information presented is quality and able to fulfill their desires. 

SEO Friendly

The next reason why people are willing to use custom domains even though they have to spend some money both at the beginning and renewal is because custom domains are considered more SEO friendly. 

Blogs that have been converted into custom domains have a much better level of trust in the eyes of Google search engines because SEO is one of the determinants in SERP ranking. 

More Classy

Not a few people think that custom domains are much classier than blogs that still use domains.

In fact, there are also many people who do not trust the information presented by free domains so they prefer domains that already use custom domains. 

More Professional Impression

Changing the free subdomain from blogspot with a top level domain can make your blog look more professional. 

Blogs with a professional impression are usually sought after by those .

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