How to Set DNS MX Record

When you have purchased a domain and want your current domain to be able to do email transactions, then we must make sure the MX record is set first.

If you are an EBiz Lite, EBiz Plus, and EBiz Gold customer, then the MX settings are automatically in your hosting control panel. MX configuration can be done through your respective cPanel account.

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Set DNS MX di cPanel

Make sure you have logged into your cPanel first. Then we go to Zone Editor.

Select the domain for which the MX record will be set. Then click Manage.

After that, click on the MX section and the current MX record details will appear.

If you want to change it, then click Edit and then define the MX hostname to be addressed and the priority. Priority the smaller the number is the greater the priority. In this case 0 is the largest priority value.

DNS hosts in Exabytes

This point applies when you have a VPS / Dedicated server on our service and use our default name server (NS). Our default NS:



Pada dasarnya untuk melakukan modifikasi atau set DNS MX record pada point ini harus dibantu dengan tim support kami. Silakan kirimkan email ke dan cantumkan subjek email dengan lengkap.

Set DNS MX Record Dari Area Pelanggan

To set MX from the customer area, make sure you have logged in to the customer area first.

Klik menu Domains > Manage DNS

Then select the domain to be managed. Click Edit Zone, which is to the left of the trash can icon below.

If the MX record does not exist, then you can add it like this. Click Add Record.

Then if you have clicked edit

Then a new pop up will appear containing the MX host details that must be filled in:

Name: Leave it blank or fill in your TLD. example:

Type : MX

TTL : Leave it alone. If you need fast propagation, please fill in the number between 600-900

RDATA : This is the priority column. Usually filled in 0, 5, atau 10

Exchange : Fill in the hostname of the new destination MX server. In the form of letters not numbers.

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