Shopify Custom Domain on Managed DNS Client Area Menu

This time we will discuss how to customize the Shopify domain in the manage DNS menu of your customer area at, you can follow the steps as follows.

1. Please login to your Shopify account first. You input store address, email address and password then click Login.

2. If you have logged in to your Shopify account, on the dashboard menu you can select the Online Store menu then click Domain after that select the Connect existing domain menu.

3. After that, input the domain name you want to point to. For example, you want to do a custom domain from to Then, please write After that, click Next.

4. After completing the configuration on your Shopify account, then login to your customer area account.

5. If you are already in your customer area account portal menu then you select the Domain menu after that Managed DNS.

6. Then on the DNS Manager menu you select the Edit Zone menu.

7. After entering the Edit zone menu you can add records to add A record or Cname.

8. First add your domain A record to be directed to the Shopify ip, for Name input @, for type select A while RDATA input ip after that select Add record.

The second input Cname Record to be directed to Shopify, for name input www, for type select Cname while RDATA input After that Add record.

9. after that select the save changes menu to save your record changes.

10. The last step is to verify the domain in your Shopify account.

Noted : The example above is our name server



For the guide to changing NS, please check the guide to changing NS.

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