How to Set Up a Wix Custom Domain

Wix is a tool that can be used to build a website easily. You only need to think about the concept, such as the name of the website, to the content in it. Then, Wix will create the website until it is finished and ready to be accessed.


Wix also provides free to paid plans. Free plans usually have a subdomain. Of course this is less professional, because it looks like you are using a free package. Unfortunately, that's the extent of the features provided by Wix's free plan.


You can point a website built with Wix to a domain, but you need to upgrade to a paid plan.


Notes: Please purchase a paid Wix package first to follow the steps below. Because for Free / non-premium services, Wix cannot do custom domains.

Pointing Domains to Wix with the Pointing Method

You can use the pointing settings to connect your domain with Wix.

First Step

1. You need to login on the Wix Dashboard page. Enter your Wix account email and password to enter the dashboard page.

1 Login Wix (Edit)

2. You'll be on the Wix Dashboard page. In the top box, click Connect Your Own Domain to start connecting your own domain.

2 Dashboard Wix Tampil   Connect Your Own Domain (Edit)

3. You will be redirected to a page to connect your domain with your Wix website. Select Connect a domain you already own because you already own a domain from Exabytes Indonesia.

3 Connect a domain you already own (Edit)

4. Select the site you want to connect your domain to and click Next.


5. Enter the domain name you already have.


6. Click DNS next to Connection Method at the bottom of the page.


7. Select Pointing.

7 Pilih Pointing (Edit)

Note:Keep this page open, so you can return to verify the connection in step 4.

Step Two

1. You need to login to the Exabytes Client Area to manage the domain's DNS.

2. Next, you need to go to the Domain menu, and select the Manage DNS sub menu to select the domain you want to connect with your Wix website. Then, click Edit DNS on the domain to be managed.

3. After that, click the Add Record button at the top.

4. Ada dua record yang perlu ditambahkan, antara lain:

  • A Record: Record to connect domain with Wix.

  • CNAME: Record so that the domain can be accessed with the www subdomain.

4.1. First, you add A Record first. Fill in the form as below. You need to input the IP Address of Wix: If it is appropriate, click Save Record to save it.

4.2. Second, you need to add a CNAME record. Fill in the form as below. You need to input www in the Sub Domain form. Meanwhile, input in the Hostname form. If it is appropriate, click Save Record to save it.

5. If you successfully added the Record, a congratulatory box will appear. Next you just need to wait for the Propagation Period.


Propagation Period: The time required by the domain to connect to the server. Generally 1x24 hours and depends on the DNS of the internet provider used.

Step Three (Optional)

Once you've updated your domain's DNS records via the Exabytes Indonesia Member Area, return to the Domains page in your Wix account and click Verify Connection.

Verify domain connection (Edit)

This step is optional, just to check if you have updated your domain name servers correctly. If you have closed the page at the end of Step One, you can ignore this step.

Congratulations! Your domain has been connected to a website built with Wix. Next, just wait for the propagation period to be resolved and the website can be accessed with the domain.

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