How to use the managed DNS menu in Customer Area

For domain pointing, you can use the Managed DNS menu on your account. Managed DNS makes it easy for you to manage your domain. To manage your domain, you can follow these steps:

1. Login first at

2. Select the Domain Menu and then select Managed DNS.

3. In the DNS Manager Menu you can select the Edit Zone menu.

4. Select Add record to add A, MX record, Cname, NS, TXT and SRV.

- A record : A hosting record that is used to create an alias and point your website or domain to a specific server ip. For A this record is in the form of a server ip

- Cname : A hosting record that is used to create an alias name and point your website or domain to a specific address (in the form of A Record / Alias not in the form of ip).

- MX Record : A hosting record used to point your domain's mail server to a specific address.

- NS : A server that has a domain name and IP Address database that functions to store the domain name and also the DNS Server record of the domain, so you don't have to memorize the IP Address address of the server you have.

- SRV : Note the location, port, target server specifically for domain controllers in Active Directory. Enter the hostname, value, port, weight and priority of the server.

- TXT : A record used to store text information on your domain hosting.

5. If you have set the record you want, select Save Changes.    

Here are the DNS that you need to apply to your domain name in order to use DNS hosting:

Notes: After updating the nameservers, please allow a few hours for DNS propagation and for .id domain names it may take 24-72 hours for DNS propagation.

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