Setting DNS Records Through Cloudflare

Get to know Cloudflare DNS.

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service that has better features than other CDN standards. Cloudflare is between a domain name and web hosting which has the ability to filter traffic and speed up website access. However, one of the advantages of cloudflare is that we can use its DNS management which is a very efficient DNS function for managing Domains.

The ease of managing DNS in the domain makes Domain owners register their domains with Cloudflare for easier DNS management.

Of the several cloudflare features, there is a DNS feature where you can add records such as A, CNAME, TXT, and so on. In this guide we will explain how to add DNS records to Cloudflare. Here's the guide:

1. Log in to the Cloudflare Dashboard.

First you can login to the cloudflare dashboard first, you can use the following link To login enter your email and password then login.

2. Select the Domain to Manage.

If you have multiple domain names in one cloudflare account then you can select the one that will be added and change the DNS (this menu does not exist if you only have one domain so go directly to Step no. 3).

3. Select the DNS feature.

Next there will be features from cloudflare, here you will manage DNS so please select DNS Features.

Click on the feature.

4. Adding and Changing DNS Records

To add a new DNS record you click Add record then you select the new record you want to add.

For Proxy Status you can choose DNS or Proxied, if you choose proxied you have to pass the service from Cloudflare CDN first, both are the same.

Example for adding CNAME:

Example to add a TXT record:

Example of adding an MX record:

If you want to change the existing DNS, you click "edit" then you can change it.

If so, click save.


Changing the DNS record on the Domain using cloudflare takes 1x24 hours for the propagation period. So please wait for the dns propagation.

To delete unused DNS you can simply click "delete" on each DNS.

This is a guide on how to add and change DNS records in Cloudflare, hopefully it will be useful.

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