Dear Windows DNS Cache Flush

Maybe some people don't understand the usefulness of this DNS Flush Cache. This DNS Flush is a Command or Command to clear / clear the DNS Cache on a Computer which functions to adjust information from changes that occur in a domain, nameserver, DNS with new data.

For the record, that for domain propagation itself globally remains 1×24 hours. The following method is used if after that period the domain is not connected to the Hosting or after renewing / suspend and expired errors.

How do you do it? It's very easy, that is:

  1. This method applies only to Windows. Please open CMD (Command Prompt) in your Windows
  2. Then enter or copy and paste the following code

    ipconfig /flushdns

    and press Enter, after which it will be as shown below:


If it is like the above, please open and close your browser again, then check the domain that is in error. If you still get an error, you may need to wait or consult your provider.

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