How to Add A record Domain Forwarding

Adding A record Domain Forwarding is a feature that serves to "deflect" the website URL to a specific domain.

For example, you have a blog with the address and then you want to redirect it to the URL And you can do that with Domain Forwarding.

Adding A Record Using Domain Forwarding:

Before you start configuring, there are two things you need to consider first:

1. If you're using an Indonesian domain name, you'll need to add IP Address X.X.X.X to the A Record for @ and www for it to work properly.

2. Normally, the system will automatically add the record. If the system fails to add it, you can add the record manually. Check the DNS Management menu first.


Follow these steps to perform domain forwarding by adding A Record in DNS Management.

1. Enter Client Area Exabytes

2. In the Your Services section, you will find the Domains tab. This tab contains Manage your DNS registered with the Exabytes service.

3. In the DNS Manager section you click the Add New Zone button.

4. To perform domain forwarding with the www prefix, write www in the Name field. Then, enter your domain name in the RDATA field. Click the Add Record button to save.

5. You also need to add a record without the www prefix. Write the @ symbol in the Name field. Then, enter your IP Address in the RDATA field. Click Add Record.

Selamat Konfigurasi domain forwarding menggunakan A Record telah berhasil Anda lakukan. Harap di ingat, setelah menambahkan record dan memastikan bahwa name server telah sesuai petunjuk, Anda perlu menunggu maksimal 1x24 jam agar domain Anda dapat diarahkan ke domain tujuan.

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