What is the difference between Domain Transfer and DNS Update?

For DNS (Domain Nameserver) Updates

When you want to update your name servers for your domain, you can instruct the DNS servers in the settings for your domain name to our "name servers", :



Or you can enter another DNS if you buy hosting from a hosting provider other than us.


Your website or email will experience "downtime" after the DNS update. It usually takes 18 to 72 hours of domain propagation period, before it will be fully updated to the new server.  

Therefore, it is recommended to perform DNS domain updates during off-peak hours.

For transfer domains

First, when you want to transfer a domain, this process usually refers to the Domain Registrar. A domain registrar transfer occurs when you transfer your domain from one domain registrar to another.

For example, if you transfer your domain from Webnic.cc to Enom.com. The new registrar will take over the management and billing system of your domain.

For domain transfers through Exabytes, you'll find that your domain will be transferred through the Tucows registrar instead of Exabytes. Not to worry! Tucows is our domain registrar and this is the reason why you can see Tucows as the primary registrar.


However, before you transfer your domain, there are a few things you need to consider.


You can visit the URL

Transfer Domain ke Exabytes

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