Why is my Windows VPS slow to access?

This question relates to why server access is slow when accessed. Before going any further, it is necessary to determine the context of the slowness.

  1. Slow when accessing the Remote Desktop connection to the server, lag and sometimes like to disconnect (time out).
  2. Slow when doing activities such as downloading files from the server.

If you belong to category 1 then :

  • Check your Internet provider.
  • Do a check ping plotter that we've outlined in previous articles.
  • Identify your public IP by opening myip.dk
  • Let our support team know.

Our support team will then analyze based on the results of the screenshoot images that you captured based on the results of the ping plotter of your pc / laptop.

If the connection disruption comes from your Internet provider, then the best solution we can do is to find an alternative connection for the time being. Make sure your connection is in optimal condition to connect to our server.

If you are in category 2 then :

Most likely the server you are downloading / accessing files via is using an international connection server or the server connection from which you are downloading is experiencing bandwidth limitations.

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