Login to Windows VPS via Remote Desktop

Login to Windows VPS via Remote Desktop

To log into a Windows VPS, you need to use a built-in Windows application called Remote Desktop. The application can be searched for almost in all versions of Windows by using the keyword : Remote Desktop

When opened, a new window appears. Then fill in the "Computer" column by including the IP address and port 3399.

If your VPS IP is then fill it in with

As a default, all of our Windows VPS already use a custom port, 3399. Therefore, don't forget to include the additional port 3399.

When you successfully enter the IP address and port, you will be asked for login validation in the form of username and password. Username and password can be found in your email.

Here is the picture.

If you have filled in the username and password, then use "OK" to continue logging into your Windows VPS.

When asked for confirmation in the form of a warning, please select "Yes". And you will be connected to your Windows VPS using the username and password login validation.

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