Octopus Installation FAQ

The following is a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) or questions that are often asked by you regarding the installation of Octopus. We will break them down one by one.

What is Octopus?

Octopus is a deployment tool that is useful for performing audit functions based on a predetermined and prepared environment.

Where does Octopus Run?

Octopus is executable software and runs on Windows Server.

Microsoft License Audit

As part of the Microsoft License Policy, it is our responsibility as a Microsoft partner to run policy checks for all Windows-based servers hosted in our Datacenter.

What Information Will Octopus Submit?

Octopus will basically perform an audit function where data will be recorded such as:

  1. IP address used
  2. Microsoft license installed
  3. Windows Server version
  4. Other Microsoft product licenses installed

How to Install Octopus?

  1. Download our zipped Octopus installation file (scan.zip).
  2. Create a new folder in C:\Windows\Audit (elevated as Admin permission required)
  3. Move the zip download to C:\Windows\Audit
  4. Extract / unzip the downloaded scan.zip file.
  5. Then enter the scan folder.
  6. Run InventoryScan.exe by clicking 2x.
  7. Wait for it to finish, approximately 3-4 minutes.

Check Task Scheduler

After the Octopus execution is carried out and the installation is complete, a new auto schedule task will automatically be created on the Task Scheduler server. Make sure this auto task scheduler is installed by looking at the Task Scheduler.

Search > Task Scheduler

Then check if the scheduler has been created. An example as below.

Add Manual Task Schedule

This option is executed if the auto task schedule is not available after Octopus installation. If your server task scheduler looks like the image above, then there is no need to add a manual task schedule.

For this additional schedule, use the configuration in the previous point

  • Click search > Task Scheduler
  • In the actions on the right, click Create Basic Task
  • Fill in the Name with Run Octopus then Next
  • In the Trigger section, set it to Daily then Next
  • In the Daily section fill in Recur every 1 Day then Next
  • In the Action section select Start a program then Next

Tambahkan Task Schedule Manual

Opsi ini dijalankan jika auto task schedule tidak tersedia pasca pemasangan Octopus. Jika pada task scheduler server anda terlihat seperti gambar di atas, maka tidak perlu menambahkan task schedule manual.

Untuk tambahan schedule ini menggunakan konfigurasi pada poin sebelumnya

  • Klik search > Task Scheduler
  • Pada actions di sebelah kanan, klik Create Basic Task
  • Isi Name dengan Run Octopus lalu Next
  • Pada bagian Trigger set ke Daily lalu Next
  • Pada bagian Daily isikan Recur every Day lalu Next
  • Pada bagian Action pilih Start a program lalu Next
  • Then fill in C:\Windows\Audit\InventoryScan.exe then Next
  • Then Finish

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