How to Check RDP (Remote Desktop) Service

This article will help you whether the RDP / Remote Desktop service is running or needs to restart the service for some reason.

The first thing to do is open powershell or cmd then type services.msc

Then a new window will open immediately and contain a list of services installed on your Windows Server. Make sure to be careful in clicking on this service list window.

To check whether the RDP or Remote Desktop service is running or needs a service restart, we must search alphabetically by name. You can utilize the scroll function on the right to scroll down to the alphabet R.

The service to note is "Remote Desktop Services". Make sure this service is "Running". However, if it is not running or requires a service restart, then you can right-click on the Remote Desktop Service line and select the available options.

If you are logged into the server using RDP / Remote Desktop then there will most likely be a time out that will cause you to disconnect the RDP session. But don't be afraid, you can reconnect when the RDP service has finished restarting.

The time required to restart the service is 5-10 seconds.

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