How to Check Windows Server Logs

This article is made for how to check the server windows log. In general, if there is an error or warning message, all activities will be stored in the log windows called Event Viewer. Later what types of errors and erroa can be classified and identified easily.

To open the event viewer is very easy. Open Powershell then type eventvwr then enter.

A new window will then open called Event Viewer. When it opens for the first time, you will be presented with a dashboard menu containing a summary of the existing logs called Summary of Administrative Events.

Usually, the cause of a Windows server that hangs or an error that makes the Windows VPS experience a "hard" reboot can be found in the Error or Warning section. Categorization based on time vulnerabilities such as 1 hour ago, 24 hours ago, and 7 days ago.

To open the log you want to see, you only need to double click on the point you want to see.

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