Why My Windows VPS Connection is Slow

If you are experiencing a slow connection for your Windows VPS, make sure you have checked the points below first before submitting a ticket to our support team.

Local Indonesia Connection Test

  1. Login to your Windows VPS
  2. Open the speedtest.net page
  3. Test connection to several internet providers in Indonesia
  4. Test connection to outside providers such as Singapore, Europe, or America

If the connection throughout Indonesia is normal (100 Mbps) then there is no connection disruption. However, if the international connection experiences a slowdown that is not too significant, it is normal. Because the international connection that we provide is mixed and shared with other server users.

If the connection to all of Indonesia experiences a slowdown (very far below 100 Mbps) then we recommend that you escalate the ticket to our support so that further checks are carried out. If there is a speed reduction in speedtest indonesia and the results are still close to ~100 Mbps then this is normal, because the connection used is shared with other customers.

If all connections show normal on speedtest, but there are certain servers or IPs that experience lag or even timeouts, then please do the following:

  1. Trace the Windows VPS until it is finished.
  2. Copy and send to our support team by including the server IP and your problem.
  3. We will try to escalate to the network section to re-route to the intended IP / network

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