Guide on how to archive email in cPanel

Enable Email Archive Feature

First you have to make sure the Email Archive feature is enabled.

  1. Log in as root in cPanel/WHM
  2. Open the tweak settings menu
  3. Enable Email Archiving support harus dengan mode ON


Archive Email per Domain

The next step you also have to make sure which domain you want to make as an email archive

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click the Archive menu

        3. You can set by default for all domains added in the cPanel account will automatically archive the email.

There are 3 options:

- Incomming Email Messages : if you want to archive only the inbox email
- outgoing mailing list : if you want to archive emails only outgoing emails on the mailing list.
- outgoing email messages : if you want to archive emails for outgoing emails only.


  4. In addition, you can also archive emails per domain

Check the 3 options you want. In the screenshot above we chose to archive email inboxes in the past 1 month only.


       5. After the email archive process is successful, the disk usage will increase and the disk size will be updated every day.

        6. You can also view the results of the email archive with several actions on the right such as

- IMAP Access : will be given an archive account usually with the prefix
- Download Archive : Download the email file that you have archived. There are 3 types of archives that you can download: incoming, mailing list and outgoing.
- Access Webmail : Besides that, you can also directly access the webmail account archive. Don't forget to go to settings --> folders --> enable the folder you want to see.

The result of the email archive that has been done will be like this

Archive Email per Email Account

Performing individual email archives can also be done easily. Make sure you can log into your email account first.

  1. Login to webmail
  1. In the Inbox, sent and other folders, there is also a folder called Archive.



3. Click on the email you want to archive. Then look at the top right corner there is a logo and you can press the Archive button.

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