How to Create a Domain Addon in cPanel

What is an addon domain?

An addon domain is a fully functional domain that will work outside of the folders in your hosting account.


You cannot create an addon domain if your DNS is not pointing to the server. So after a DNS change your site needs to wait 18-72 hours before trying to create your addon domain.

How to create an addon domain?

Here are the steps to create a domain addon.

  1. Login to cPanel

  2. Under Domains > Click Domains

3. Click the Create A New Domain button to add an Addon Domain.

    4. And here you can enter the new domain name and details accordingly.

There are four (4) cPanel fields that are filled in when creating an addon domain.

1). "New Domain Name:" In this section you will enter the domain name that you want to add to the addon domain without entering www. (for example

2). "Subdomain / Ftp Username:" This will be used for the addon / subdomain FTP account username.

3). "Document Root:" This will be the cPanel create folder in your main FTP account.

4). "Password:" fill in the password you want here.

  1. After clicking Submit you have successfully added an addon domain.

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