Guide on How to Change PHP Time Zone in cPanel

Here's a guide on how to change PHP Time Zone in cPanel:

1. Login to cpanel

2. After that, scroll down to the Quick Shortcut to cPanel section. Click the View All cPanel features menu.

3. You will be redirected to the cPanel page. Scroll to the Software section, select the Select PHP Version menu. This is a feature used to set PHP functions.

4.  Select the Options menu to find the time zone function on the PHP Selector page.

5.  On the Options page, find the date.timezone field. You can change the Indonesian timezone by writing the following information.

  • WIB, fill the column with: Asia/Jakarta
  • WITA, fill in the fields with: Asia/Makassar
  • WIT, fill in the fields with: Asia/Jayapura

See the PHP documentation: List of Supported Timezones to determine other time zones.

6.  Hover your cursor over the other fields. The settings will be saved automatically with a notification in the top right corner.

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