How to Enable SSL in cPanel

All Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting at Exabytes Indonesia is SSL free. You can get free ssl for free from cPanel directly. The certificate offered by cPanel is equivalent to DV SSL. First, make sure you login to your cPanel account.

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On your cPanel dashboard menu, use the search box with the word ssl. Then click on ssl status.

On the next menu there are many domains and subdomains that you have created. Select the domain or subdomain that you want to equip with SSL.

Check the domain / subdomain that you want to run SSL, then click Run AutoSSL. Please wait 10-30 minutes for SSL activation. This is because the SSL validation queue on the server usually varies.

You can check the results of SSL that has been installed at

Renewal SSL

The SSL reactivation or renewal function can also do the same as the steps above. Automatically, the system will renew SSL every 90 days.

VPS / Dedicated Server Users

If you are a VPS or Dedicated Server user, then make sure your cPanel version is up to date. If not, then there may be some errors when trying to run the Run AutoSSL function.

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