Complete Guide to Windows SSD VPS Services

For those of you who have purchased the Exabytes Indonesia SSD Windows VPS service, you can see the references below for complete guide details that we have categorized in detail.

VPS Login Information

You will receive login information on how to log into your Windows VPS via email. From there, there is the full IP address information, as well as additional information. As basic information, the default Windows VPS speed is 100 Mbps port speed. Then for windows update is also automatically set. We recommend just setting it to default for windows update.

The basic information of your Windows VPS can also be seen from the client area.

Login Control Panel

You can get Windows VPS control panel information by logging in via the client area. No need to use any authentication, just log in from the client area. In the control panel, there is a lot of information that you can find out regarding your Windows VPS service.

Perform Remote Desktop Login

The next step is to login to the server by going to Remote Desktop Login. After you have successfully logged into the Windows Server, you can do anything such as set windows updates, restart the server, create an RDP user, change the RDP password, and many more.

If you feel like editing the configuration such as changing the RDP port, it can also be done in the remote desktop session. Not only that, adding ports to the firewall can also be done. But at this advanced level, make sure you know what you're doing.

You may encounter some technical issues such as not being able to do Remote Desktop or RDP. If so, you can check out our article where there are useful first check steps for you.

Slow Connection

If the connection from your internet to the server is experiencing lag or slow problems, then it's a good idea to check first using a ping plotter and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Then send the results to our support team.

But if you encounter slow server connection problems to several destination servers, it's a good idea to read our article first.

Troubleshoot Problems

The name of the server, of course, periodically you have to check and always pay attention, whether there are problems related to the application that has just been installed or the application that we have installed. Such as: Remote Desktop Issue, install chrome browser for the first time, clear DNS cache, and many more.

If your server experiences unexpected issues such as hangs, errors or sudden server restarts, then you can look at the windows event logs where you can inspect in more detail. Even server blue screen incidents can also be identified through windows event logs. Even the Windows application auto startup guide is also available.

If a problem occurs, you can login to the console to your Windows VPS from the client area. Thus, allowing you to connect via a web browser from your client area without going through Remote Desktop Connection. This Windows VPS console method is very effective if you suddenly lose Remote Desktop access to the server. Even to reboot VPS Windows from the console can be done. But it's a good idea to read the complete Console VPS Windows guide first to make it easier.

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