Latest Windows VPS Console Guide

When you have successfully logged in and have reached the Windows VPS console display page, click the three dots on the top left to expand the console server options.

After clicking, several console options appear.

Shortcut ctrl alt del

To shortcut the ctrl alt del option, you must click this image.

Copy Paste Shortcut

For the copy and paste option from the text interface to the console server interface via the web, you must click this image.

Then paste any text into the console interface via the box window below.

Stats OFF/ON

Basically this option is for displaying stats such as:

  • RDP latency
  • Bandwidth usage KB/s
  • Network
  • Network quality
  • Websocket display
  • etc


This is a feature to turn on and off the functionality of HTML5. It is recommended to set it to the default of ON.

Scale OFF/ON

This is a function to adjust the display fit ratio from the web console ratio to your browser's fit ratio. By default, this option is OFF.

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