How to Change RDP Password on Windows VPS

1. Please login your VPS in your windows menu section

         ~ Click Start Menu

         ~ Type in the search box: Remote Desktop Connection then Click 

         ~ Enter Server IP and Click Connect

2. After logging in to RDP, then click Start CONTOL PANEL and click User Accaunt.

3. Click User Account again.

4. Klik Manage Another Account.

5. Then select the user to change.

6. Select Change The Password.

7. in this section you will be asked to enter a New Password. 

 With the password successfully changed, please try logging in again with the new password.


For Current password fill in the old password

New passoword fill in the new password

confirm New passoword fill in the new password

Type a password hint fill in the user name

If you have filled in all click save changes

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