On-boarding with Windows SSD VPS Hosting Service

Step 1: Access your Windows SSD VPS Remotely

You will receive a service welcome email containing the server login credentials. The subject of the email is "Your Windows SSD VPS Account Details".

Can use the Windows Remote Desktop Connection application to access Windows VPS remotely (Remote with login credentials provided in the service welcome email.

Step 2: Resize the Windows VPS Disk for the first time

Disk space/Storage is not resized automatically, please resize your Windows SSD VPS disk space/Storage on the first RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) login session with the guide below

Press WIN + R to open the menu

Type "diskmgmt.msc" in the text box and press the Enter key or press OK

Refer to the steps below, press Extend Volume and press Enter for the next page of settings. (Example disk size below. Each VPS has a different disk size according to the subscription).

Step 3: Managing a Windows VPS from the WHMCS Client Area

This know-how shows how to manage VPS from WHMCS client area to :

a. start/shutdown/restart the VPS

b. reset the administrator password

c. access the Web console

d. rename the Windows VPS netbios name/hostname

e. view VPS information

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