How to Create an RDP User on Windows VPS

1. Please login your VPS in your windows menu section

         ~ Click Start Menu

         ~ Type in the search box: Remote Desktop Connection then Click 

         ~ Enter Server IP and Click Connect

2.Right-click on the start menu in the bottom left corner, Click Computer management

3. Click Local Users & Groups, right-click on Users, click new user

4. Enter the Username, FullName and Password of the account you want to create.  Then uncheck the User must Change Password at next log on section. Password never expires must be checked yes

Then click Create.

5. Go to Groups, Click Remote Desktop User

6.In the enter object names section, fill in the username that was just created click OK

7. Now you can try logging in using Remote Desktop Connection

8. And you have successfully logged in using the RDP account that was created:

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