My Windows VPS is Hacked or Malware

If at any time your Windows VPS is hit by a hack or malware, then you must be responsive to this situation and do a thorough check on your Windows server. There are several indications if your website is affected by malware or hacked.

  • There are strange and suspicious processes in the Task Manager
  • The server feels heavier and outbound connections are usually high.
  • Intruding users in C:\Users\ (vmunify is our support system)
  • Strange and unusual behavior from daily server usage

If there are indications above, it's time for you:

  • Perform important backups in the form of web files (if any) and export databases
  • Perform a thorough scan using malwarebytes or dr web free
  • If you need help immediately contact email support at

Worst Case Scenario

If you encounter the worst case scenario, where the server cannot be saved and must be reinstalled, the first reinstall request is free of charge. But for the second request onwards, there is an additional fee per 1x request.

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