How to Change Wordpress Permalink

What is Permalink?

Permalink stands for permanent link. Permalink is the entire URL used as the identity of a website page/domain. 

As the name implies, permalinks are permanent and every web page has a different permalink. To make it clearer, consider the following permalink example:

Permalinks are full URLs that are a combination of a domain name ( and a slug (how-to-fix-wordpress permalinks). The slug itself is the part of the permalink that refers to a specific piece of content.

Permalinks have various structures. Some use additional dates, months, numbers, post names or custom structures. 

On a WordPress website, all of these can be found on the Permalink Settings page in the Dashboard. You can customize your WordPress permalinks to suit your needs on that page.

1. Go to the settings menu > then select Permalinks

2. It will be directed as shown below:

choose as needed and click the Save Changes button to apply it.

A little information, with permalinks, visitors will find it easier to remember or access certain website pages. 

Not only that, a good permalink will also make it easier for search engines to find content pages that are relevant to the keywords that users type in. 

Therefore, using SEO-friendly WordPress permalinks is important to improve the ranking of website content in search engines.

So, how do you create a good permalink?

  • Short and Clear - Keep permalinks short and clear to make them easier for website visitors to remember. It is recommended to use a maximum of 5 syllables only and a maximum number of characters of 59.
  • Descriptive - A permalink should be able to describe the content as a whole.
  • Include Keywords - Placing keywords in the permalink is highly recommended to improve on-page SEO.
  • Only use important words - Do not use conjunctions that have no special meaning such as with, and, to, which, on.
  • Avoid using year numbers - Using year numbers will only limit the possibility of your content appearing in the top rankings.

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