How to View Website Visitor Traffic Using Google Site Kit Plugin on WordPress

Steps to View Website Visitor Traffic Using Google Site Kit Plugin on WordPress:

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard. Select the Plugins menu on the left, then click the Add New sub menu to add a new plugin.


2. Type site kit in the search bar on the top right, then click the Install Now button on the Site Kit by Google - Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, Speed plugin.


3. Click the Activate button to activate the plugin.


4. You will see a display like the following after the plugin is successfully activated. Click the START SETUP button to begin the configuration.


5. Click the SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE raffle.


6. You will be taken to the Google Site Kit page. Click the Sign in with Google button.


7. Select your Google account.


8. Check both options at the bottom, then click the Continue button.


9. Click the Proceed button.


10. Click the Allow button to allow WordPress to access data from your Google account.


11. Click the Add site button to add your website to the Google Site Kit list.


12. Click Go to my Dashboard.


13. If you see a display like the following, then congratulations you have successfully configured the Site Kit plugin.


14. Furthermore, you can also view data from Search Console in Google Site Kit. For example, total clicks, total impressions, average CTR as shown in the image below.


15. To view website traffic, you can use Analytics from Google Site Kit. Click the Settings menu on the left, then select the CONNECT MORE SERVICES tab.


16. Klik Set up Analytics.


17. Select the Google account you are using.


18. Click the Continue button.


19. Select Set up a new account to set up a new Analytics account.


20. Fill in the details of your Analytics account, then click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.


21. Re-select your Google account for authorization needs.


22. Check the two options available to grant access permission to the Site Kit and click the Continue button to proceed.


23. Check to agree to the Terms of Service, then click the I Accept button.


24. You will see a notification like the following after the Analytics account has been successfully created. Click the Go to my Dashboard button to return to the Site Kit dashboard.


25. Enter the Analytics menu on the left, then click on the CONFIGURE ANALYTICS button.


26. Your Google Analytics account is now integrated with Google Site Kit. Thus, the data from the tool can also be viewed on the Dashboard.


27. In addition, you can view some key Analytics data directly from the page of a posted article. To do this, go to the Pages or Posts menu, then click View on the article you want to see Analytics data for.


28. You will be redirected to the article page and see the top menu bar displayed. Hover your cursor or pointer over the Site Kit menu section, you will see the Analytics data provided by Site Kit.

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